Diesel Storage and Refueling

Pro 110 Industrial Gas Trailer
The Pro 110 Industrial is a great option for using on farms, at fleet businesses, and other locations

When it’s time to refuel your equipment, it doesn’t matter if you’re laying a foundation on a construction site, planting seeds out in the field on your farm, or topping off your fleet, the last thing you want to have to do is stop the process and take your equipment to a single refueling point. Instead, save time and energy by bringing the fuel right to where you need it with a diesel fuel trailer. It’s a piece of equipment that offers portable fueling flexibility. (more…)

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Safe Fuel Transfer

Fuel Transfer System
Pictured here is the fuel transfer system housed inside the Pro 110 Industrial FTS model.

Sometimes, running out of fuel just happens when you’re driving a vehicle or operating other types of machinery and equipment. Sure, you might plan ahead to prevent it, but even then you might still run out, especially when you’re focused on getting a project done to meet a tight deadline. So, if this happens to you, instead of siphoning fuel from one vehicle or piece of equipment to another using a hose, siphon, and gas can the traditional way, do it safely by using a gas trailer that has a fuel transfer system. (more…)

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Smart Contractor Investment

Contractor Fuel Equipment

When you’re working as a contractor, the hours in the day can burn up pretty quickly because there’s always things to do whether it is checking on subcontractors, bidding on new projects, or working on the current job. Since the workday is so short, the last thing that you want to have to do is stop what you’re doing to refuel equipment at the gas station. There is a convenient way to avoid those time wasting gas station stops and that’s by putting fuel trailers in place at your contracted work sites. (more…)

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Fuel Trailer Upgrades and Add-Ons

Fuel Meter With Filter Fuel Trailer Option

At Gas Trailer, we’re constantly improving and innovating our product line. When we discover something with our fuel trailers that can be improved upon, we work to make it happen which is why we have a variety of new upgrades and add-ons available for our refueling models. (more…)

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Trucking a Portable Refueling Business Forward

Business Planning and Strategy

As Gas Trailer operations have grown over the past few years, so have our manufacturing processes, dealer and distribution network, refueling equipment offerings, and approach to moving the business forward. The following video was put together to showcase what we’re currently doing: (more…)

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