Fuel Tank Trailers Built in the USA

Parts and Components

When we first began Petro2Go, the business behind Gas Trailers, in 2011, our number one goal was to build a quality portable fuel trailer option that would last. We knew that in order to accomplish that goal, we realized that we had to lay a foundation for a solid business operation based in the United States. At this operation, we would not only oversee the design and development of our fuel tank trailers, but the fabrication of them as well. Two years later, we’re proud to say that we’ve been able to accomplish our goal and that our portable gas tank trailers are “Built in the USA.” (more…)

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Feedback – See Gas Trailers In Action!

Gas Trailer In Use

When we first started Gas Trailer, we wanted to design a portable gas fueling station that was lightweight, safe, easy to use, and cost effective. What we came up with was a top quality mobile gas trailer that could be pulled behind any truck, car or vehicle with a tow package, allowing a person to take fuel wherever it’s needed. Now two years later, our company is going strong and we have had many satisfied customers who swear by our fuel trailer product. (more…)

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Gas Trailers Provide Fuel When You Need It

Pro 110 Industrial FTS

Waiting for fuel is a hassle, especially when you’re at the mercy of fuel trucks and their ever changing schedules. Nothing is worse than having to wait unless you have to wait even longer because they’re running behind, causing a major disruption in your day. There is a simple solution to avoid this waiting scenario and that is to purchase one of our Gas Trailers. They are a portable fuel solution that will save you time, energy, and money.


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Best Uses For a Portable Fuel Trailer

Fuel Trailer

A portable fuel trailer from gas trailer is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can own, especially when a good portion of your other equipment requires fuel. Although you might purchase your Gas Trailer for a single purpose, you may end up using it for many of your business and personal needs. Fortunately, each portable fuel trailer we build is fabricated with the most durable materials and built to the highest standards to ensure your Gas Trailer will continue performing for the long haul, no matter how frequently you use it. With that in mind, see our list of some of the best uses for a portable fuel trailer.

On the water

If you own a lake house or frequently camp on a lake, a portable fuel trailer can be one of the most useful tools in your arsenal. With access to motor boats, jet skis, pontoons, and other big time toys, having a quick, accessible supply of gas can prove to be ultimately useful. With the ability to legally tow the trailer near your equipment and fuel your boat without detaching it from the towing vehicle, a portable fuel trailer like the Gas Trailer Pro 110 Industrial FTS can prove to be incredibly convenient and useful throughout your summer. (more…)

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General Aviation Fuel Trailers

Gas Trailer products were born and raised in the aviation industry. Although our Gas Trailer models are a useful commodity in any industry or activity that involves fuel, the idea for the company, our prototypes, and first models were spawned from the aviation industry. Needless to say, we have a bit of a soft spot for those who use our products for their planes and we continue working to make each of our products ultimately useful for pilots. (more…)

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Gasoline Trailer

Camping With Gas Trailer

4 Reasons a Gasoline Trailer Makes Camping Better

As summer begins to dwindle and we all try to take advantage of these last few months of warm weather, it’s important you spend some time relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. Few vacations allow you to truly experience mother nature like camping. However, even if you plan to be “roughing it,” equipment like a gasoline trailer can help make your experience more enjoyable. In fact, with a Gas Trailer portable fuel solution, you can discover 4 reasons a gasoline trailer makes camping better. (more…)

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Gas Tank Trailer

Gas Trailer

Why Choose a Gas Tank Trailer from Gas Trailer?

You’ve reached a point where you realize a gas tank trailer is a safer, more efficient way of transporting fuel than using small canisters or traveling to nearby gas stations every time you need fuel at the campsite, lake, hangar, or work site. Now, it’s important you understand the advantages of Gas Trailer over competing manufacturers and why you should choose a gas tank trailer from Gas Trailer.

First and foremost, it’s important you realize how our customers feel about the gas tank trailers they have purchased from Gas Trailer. Ralph, one of our customers in Maine, recently purchased a Gas Trailer for his family’s weekends in the boat, and he was thoroughly satisfied with their experience. (more…)

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Portable Fuel Trailers

Gas Trailer Fleet Refueling

Fuel Your Fleet Vehicles with Gas Trailer

Your fleet vehicles may be as small as golf carts or as large as utility vans, but no matter what vehicles your business demands, you need fuel to keep them operational. Whether your customers are driving for recreation or your employees are driving for business, it’s important you have a way to quickly and easily refill your fleet. If you rely on small gas cans or daily trips to the gas station, you’re probably wasting time and/or money. With portable fuel trailers from Gas Trailer, you have access to a portable gas station that helps streamline the refueling process. (more…)

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Race Car Fuel Tank Trailer

Gas Trailer Racing

Refuel Your Racecar with a Gas Trailer Fuel Tank Trailer

Few American traditions rival automotive racing. Whether it’s on the biggest NASCAR stage or the local track, auto racing provides excitement for drivers, spectators, and pit crews alike. Although pit crew members are in the position they are in because of their skill sets and their passion for racing, they also rely on certain equipment to help them get the job done quickly and accurately. While most pit crews use gas tanks to fuel their cars, a fuel tank trailer with an aviation-rated pump can be a safer, more reliable, and most importantly, faster alternative to manually filling a gas tank. (more…)

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Fuel Tank Trailer for Disaster Recovery

Disaster Relief Fuel Trailer

When Disaster Strikes, Gas Trailer Delivers

You see it happen on television and you read about it in the news, but it doesn’t quite feel like a reality until it hits home. Unfortunately, natural disasters have no boundaries and can strike anywhere. However, being prepared can make a traumatic experience a little less difficult. As people come together and rely on one another for support, gas can be one of the most valuable commodities as you try to recover from whatever disaster has shaken your community. (more…)

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